Skiing was introduced in Japan in 1911 and came to Nozawa in 1912. The ancient hot-spring village had its first ski slope in the 1920s, but it was in Japan’s boom years of the 1980s that development of the ski industry really took off.

Extending from the top to the foot of Mt. Kenashi (1,650m), Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort boasts an altitude differential of 1,085 meters and a total ski slope area of 297 hectares. Indeed, the resort ranks among the very top in Japan in terms of size, its history and snow quality. Nozawa Onsen benefits from a micro-climate between the Northern Japan Alps, the Japan Sea and the Korean Peninsula that sees more snow on its latitude than anywhere else on the globe.

The usual abundance of high-quality powder snow allows you to enjoy skiing or snowboarding well into April. The variety of slopes and courses, including the exciting Snow Park, guarantees satisfaction to snow lovers of all levels from beginners to advanced, and especially families, providing guests with the ideal playground to enjoy the ultimate in skiing, snowboarding and other on-snow activities.

There are 2 gondolas and 18 lifts, 36 slopes, and a snow park including the notorious “fox chute” from the peak of Mount Kenashi to the front door of Kenashi lodge*.

* Please note that backcountry skiing and snowboarding is not supported by Nozawa Onsen Ski Administration and is conducted entirely at the skier’s or snowboarder’s own risk. We politely ask that you respect the local governing groups and their rules in this regard.

A trail map of Nozawa Onsen can be found at this link :


With such a large ski resort, a lesson is a great way to build your skills to the most optimal level.
There are two main companies that offer ski lessons in Nozawa Onsen.

1)  Nozawa Ski School

This is the largest ski school with English-speaking instructors. They offer both group and private lessons.

To book with them, follow the link:

Please refer to the following charts for prices and to select your level:

More information

2)  Mountain Pros

MountainPros offers private lessons. Their website offers information and reviews of their instructors and allows you to choose the instructor who best suits your needs. Their lessons are completely flexible and customisable, starting and finishing wherever and whenever works best for you.

If you would like to book with MountainPros, enter the promo code ‘KenashiFVR’ or ‘KarasawaFVR’ to receive 5% off when making payment.

You may also contact MountainPros at +81-80-7559-3539 via phone or WhatsApp.

Rent Ski Equipment

There are many places in Nozawa Onsen that offer ski rentals. With a great selection of gear and friendly staff, Letz Nozawa recommends the following shops.

Mt Dock

Conveniently located at the base of Nagasaka Gondola and Kenashi, Mt Dock are also a retail and coffee shop. The staff are keen skiers and have a great knowledge of their products. See our staff to receive your 10% off voucher. To book online, follow the link

Nozawa Sports Thanx

Located at the base of Nagasaka Gondola and also behind Kenashi and Karasawa, Nozawa Sports Thanx have been around for years.

They have a great range of powder skis and snowboards for the deep days and offer a drying room to keep your gear overnight. Let them know you are staying at Kenashi or Karasawa to receive 10% off. To book online, follow the link